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The Ukulele

Ukulele value is found at the intersection of the ukulele’s affordability, portability and transformative abilities. Whether playing solo, in your brutally patrolled corner of the guest-bedroom, or playing within larger ensembles; Listening to what you are playing, while you are playing, and listening to the the others you are playing with, while you are all playing should be your primary, ‘practical’, musical goals :

Are you playing the music you are hearing?


  • Matthew has been a private acoustic guitar and ukulele instructor since 2009.  Since 2014, Matthew has taught social sciences at UC Santa Barbara while finishing his PhD. Matthew is dedicated to the art of teaching, whether it is at the University level, or one-on-one. “I am only truly teaching when I am learning from the student.”
  • The father of two young daughters, Matthew accepts students of all age ranges . . . . .

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Practice Notes:

June 30, 2017

Working on Gordon Mark’s Two-Finger Picking and Strum method, it is a sublime and all-powerful technique.

A word on technique:

“Technique” allows the mechanical response, the “without thinking”, moving through the melody and across the ukulele fretboard. Melody, the part of the song you sing, is movement, and we need to move strategically across and through the ukulele fretboard. The motor of this movement is the strumming/ picking hand.

This is a big rant I have regarding the extreme merits of the ukulele:

The right hand technique of Hawaiian Ukulele is an extremely refined, simplicity, a simplicity that promotes, encourages rhythmic complexity, intricacies within time, shaping time, reflecting time back onto itself –  as well as leveraging openings and opportunities for the emergence, for the pursuit,  of ‘feel’.

Movement in Hawaiian style ukulele strumming and picking, is realized as a technique of sublimely driving, precision fluidity



Working two-fingers-only; right hand, index and thumb. the thumb/ / index strumming technique  that recursively morphs elegantly, in and back out, into two-finger-rolls, aka fingerpicking dynamics: